Hunt For Rehab

In June of 2015 I was in the hospital for 3 weeks due to my pancreas failing. Unbeknownst to me a weak pancreas runs in my family and my enjoyment of adult beverages was something my body could not handle. During my time in the hospital I was in the ICU for 11 days on life support and in an induced semi-comatose state. There were many nights the doctors were only giving me a 50/50 chance to make it. Thanks to Lord, and prayers from family and friends, I recovered in a way my doctors described as a miracle. When I got out of the hospital I had lost 32 pounds and looked like shriveled version of my former self. My recovery was both physical and mental. The drugs they had me on during my stay greatly affected my memory. It is a very strange feeling to go to sleep in pain only wake up and not recognize your wife’s face, remember you in-law’s name, or recognize your own face in the mirror. Till this day there is still a blank spot in my mind of that whole ordeal and have trouble remembering things that happened the weeks following. Due to my lack of physical movement and great internal struggle I was also very weak. I couldn’t walk or stand for the first several days without help. I am, however, stubborn and strong and was determined to not only recover but to do so as quickly as possible and on my own terms. Which meant I wanted to go home and challenge myself.

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