What’s the Conceal Carry Handgun Class really all about?

Getting your permit is more than just the shooting qualification. This course covers everything. You will learn about laws governing North Carolina and carrying concealed. Where and how can you carry? What is reasonable force? How is the situation different if you are defending yourself or someone else? All these things are covered in the law section of class. Complete with good examples and an open disccussion that encourages questions.

But there is more to carrying than just the rules… as we say, we are a place for all experience levels!

This class also covers gun safety. What do you do if you pull the trigger and the gun doesn’t fire? What’s the difference between a misfire and a hangfire? Do you know the proper shooting stances and their benefits? Do you know which is your dominate eye? What is the best way to hold the gun? Aim? We cover it all and will show you techniques to try, no matter if you are right-eye, left-eye or cross-eye dominate.

There is still more to learn! The class covers the basics of gun cleaning and maintenaince. Learn about bore brushes and snakes, and when to use gun cleaner versus gun oil.

Do you know the benefits of NRA? They do more than just lobby for laws. There is a lot the NRA does to help each of us individually. And, you guessed it, we’ll touch on that too.

As you can see, this is a full day, designed to educate you on every aspect of carrying.

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